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Zhenqiu Huang, Ph.D.


Research Fellow.


Email: zhenqiu.huang at



Education and Training


Postdoctoral  Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA, 2018 - present


Postdoctoral  Arizona State University, USA, 2016 - 2018


Ph.D.  Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic, 2011 - 2015


Master & Bachelor  Sun Yat-Sen University, China, 2004 - 2011



Research interests


Dr. Huang' interest is to investigate the genome instability of lung epithelial cells upon the exposure of cigarettes smoking. He will apply the single-cell genome sequence to characterize the mutational spectrum of the normal cell exposed to smoking. This study will reveal insightful information for the carcinogenic and ageing-driver signature of cigarettes smoking.





  1. Huang Z, Faktorová D, Krížová A, et al. Integrity of the core mitochondrial RNA-binding complex 1 is vital for trypanosome RNA editing. RNA. 2015;21(12):2088-2102. doi:10.1261/rna.052340.115.

  2. Huang Z, Kaltenbrunner S, Šimková E, Stanek D, Lukeš J, Hashimi H. Dynamics of Mitochondrial RNA-Binding Protein Complex in Trypanosoma brucei and Its Petite Mutant under Optimized Immobilization Conditions. Eukaryot Cell. 2014;13(9):1232-1240. doi:10.1128/EC.00149-14.

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