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Lei Zhang, Ph.D.

Research Fellow.


Email: lei.zhang at



Education and Training


Postdoctoral   Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA, 2014 - present


Ph.D.   Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, July 2014




Research interests


1. De novo mutations occur not only in tumor cells but also in normal somatic cells. Although mutations in tumors are easily identifiable because most of them are clonally expanded, mutations in normal cells are usually unique to each individual cell and not distinguishable from technical errors when sequencing a bulk cell population. Dr. Zhang and her colleagues in the Vijg lab developed a novel in vitro single-cell DNA amplification method of high enough fidelity to accurately determine unique mutations from the whole genome of a single cell at single base pair level.


2. DNA mutations as a consequence of errors during DNA damage repair, replication or mitosis/meiosis are the substrate for evolution. People can estimate genome maintenance accuracy through the measurement of DNA mutations. Genome maintenance has long been implicated in the evolution of species-specific maximum life span and aging. Dr. Zhang applied the new single-cell sequencing method that she developed to study somatic mutations in humans during aging and in different species with diverse life spans. She found that somatic mutations accumulate in human B cells during aging and that these mutations are deleterious in functional genomic regions. And She discovered that mouse has a significantly higher mutation frequency than human. These results provided the first evidence that the accumulation of somatic mutations can be a causal factor in aging and a determinant of diverse life spans.





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